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  Calvin Klein Modern Three-Button Tuxedo
  Calvin Klein Modern Three-Button Tuxedo
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  Paul Fredrick Single Breasted Suit
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  Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt, Pique Bib Front, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton



What are tuxedos?
Tuxedos are formal jackets accompanied by formal trousers and accessories. Visually, tuxedos are differentiated from suits by their traditional satin lapels. additionally, the accompanying trousers will have a satin stripe on the outer side of each leg.

Tuxedo Styles
The jacket cut is based on the general form of the garment. Typically you can buy tuxedos in the following variants.

There are a few other styles of men's formal wear that are not actually tuxedos, they are; Cutaway Jackets and Stroller Jackets.

Single Breasted Tuxedos
Single Breasted Notch TuxedoSingle breasted refers to the button array on the front of the tuxedo jacket which is in a single line. One jacket side overlaps the other by an inch or two depending on the manufacturer. The amount of buttons on the front of a tuxedo can vary from 1 to 5 on mainstream styles and all the way to 12 for high fashion tuxedos. Typically if you wear a one button single breasted tuxedo, you wear the jacket open at all times. For every tuxedo jacket with more than one button, etiquette tells us that you must button every button except the bottom. There are exceptions to this rule but it should be followed for photos of your formal event.


Double Breasted Tuxedos
Double Breasted Peak TuxedoDouble breasted tuxedos have two rows of buttons on the front of the jacket. The overlap on the front of a double breasted tuxedo is much wider than its single breasted variant. Typically the flaps end mere inches from the side of your body. Double-breasted coats must be worn closed at all times. When buttoning these type of jackets note that there is a button on the inside which need to be buttoned as well as the outside. The inside button makes certain that the tuxedo jacket will keep the right form when you are moving around by not allowing the inside jacket-front flap move from its designated place on your body. On the outside you will usually find one or two buttons to fasten and up to six total non-functioning buttons which are used as styling cues.



Tail Coat / Fulldress Tuxedos
Fulldress Tuxedo TailsA tail-coat which is more formally known as a Fulldress tuxedo is a waist length tuxedo jacket that is cut sharply in the front and fashions a tail of pleated fabric in the back to complete the look. Tail jackets in the popular single breasted version do not have functional buttons. Depending on the lapel of the jacket you will find two to six non-functional buttons. Tails tuxedo accessories are very specific. You should wear either a cummerbund and tie or a height adjustable vest and tie. Canes and top hats are optional. If you wear a fullback non-height-adjustable vest with a tail coat, it will usually show about four or more inches of vest at the bottom-front of the jacket. The look requires only an inch or two and looks less fitted otherwise.




Eaton Tuxedos
Eaton Tuxedo CoatAn Eaton tuxedo is a waist coat with a satin lapel. The cut is derived from a tail-coat but without the tails. All other aspect of the Eaton jacket are the same as the above mentioned tail coat / fulldress tuxedo.

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